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Promotion of tourism in Italy
The tourism in Italy, hotel, travel agencies and informations on turistic destinations

Promotion Italy to promote tourism in our beautiful country and let people know more about the tourist resorts in all regions, both for beach or mountain tourism, information on tourism in Italy.

Promotion of Italian businesses.

To promote Italian businesses throughout the world, to inform people about the commitment of our business men and about their businesses and quality products, which are the boast of our economy, information on businesses in Italy.

Italy (ITALIA): Informations and main characteristics of Italy.

Italy is a Parliamentary Republic with 57.880.000 inhabitants, whith his regionsits territory is divided in twenty regions and 103 provinces, the capital city is Rome, the population is 90% of Catholic religion and the official language is Italian, the currency is the Euro.


Italy confines with France, Switzerland, Austria, Slovenia but also with the Vatican and San Marino which are inside the Italian territory. Italy is a peninsula, its conformation is long and narrow with the classical "boot" form.


The climate is continental Mediterranean and the conformation of its territory is various, having mountains, some of which are very high, plains and hills. Sicily, Sardegna and Elba Island are the larger islands of Italy, which is surrounded by the Tyrrhenian, Adriatic, Ionic and Ligure Sea.


The main groups of mountains are the Alps in the North and the Apennines located along the centre of the country in its whole length.

Informations on tourism and businesses in Italy.
Tourism in Italy

The tourism in Italy, hotel, travel agencies and informations on turistic destinations

Italy is considered as one of the most beautiful, The tourism in Italy, hotel, travel agencies and informations on turistic destinationsartistically and culturally rich countries, in the whole world.


This, when combined with the presence of a variety of receptive structures of every type and category, makes us unique.


Foreign tourists consider this an irresistible combination and visit our artistic cities year-round, crowd our beaches during the summer months, and our mountain areas during the winter ones.


Promotion Italy wants to be a guide for those who would like to know this country better, region by region, under every aspect, from the north to the south of this peninsula.


On Promotion Italy you can find information regarding tourism in Italy, suggested itineraries, means of transportation and communication, typical products and the so-called wine and food weekends.

Italian Businesses

italian businesses quality and innovation

Italy has always been a country of first-rate italian businesses quality and innovationbusiness men, capable of promoting the Made in Italy brands throughout the world, showing what quality is by presenting unique and well cured products creating original designs made with primary materials of exceptionally high quality.


Globalization and the strong competition of the Asiatic countries, although it is considerable, don't worry us too much, at least when speaking of high quality products, since these countries invade the markets with a great quantity of products, but all of very low quality under every point of view.


Promotion Italy intends to give the correct visibility to Italian businesses and their best products. On Promotion Italy you will find tons of information regarding Italian businesses, pieces of information for their visibility and their presence on the net.

Italian Industry
italian industry products and elevated quality

Italy is one of the most industrialized countries in the world, even though afteritalian industry products and elevated quality passing to the single European currency, the Euro, and the sad events of the 11th of September, we have lost part of our competitiveness.


After a confusing and uncertain period we are newly getting on the right track for a solid economic pick-up. The elevated quality of our products helps us in this process, although we are still penalized by the high costs of man labour compared to some other emerging countries such as China.


There are some signs of an improvement for our industry and if our country recuperates competitiveness, our country will be able to take back its place in the international industrial scene.


On Promotion Italy you will find information regarding industry in Italy, tendencies and which are the most productive sectors.

Service Agencies
service agencies in italy

A very important sector for our country is businesses services. With computerization, service agencies in italyour businesses have a greater need of other businesses which can handle their services, increasing the number and the specialization of these types of agencies.


These agencies are specialized in telecommunications, cleaning and disinfections, co-operative and municipal societies, besides service agencies for tourism, a very important sector for our economy, reason why it is becoming a focus point of the operators of this sector.


Look on Promotion Italy for information on all Italian businesses.

Agriculture in Italy
typical delicious italian products

Agriculture in Italy has always been an important sector and the conformation of our typical delicious italian productscountry grants us the possibility to grow and obtain many typical delicious products which can't be reproduced likewise in other parts of the world, even though many producers in other countries have tried to do so repeatedly.


Our agricultural productions are among the healthiest and most controlled in the world, guaranteed by severe laws and continuous controls in the production factories. Italy, being a country favoured by its climate and good water resources, grows a great variety of fruits and vegetables.


Promotion Italy gives you information on Italian agriculture and the most requested products.


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