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Promotion Italy: who we are

Promotion Italy was set in motion from an idea of the RankLab Studio, our web agency, located in Badia Tedalda in the province of Arezzo. Its aim is to promote and valorize all Italian businesses throughout the world by dividing them in theme areas and regions.



Italy is a complex country which changes in scenery and economy from north to south.


The scenery is various just like the people who populate the different regions, giving life to an infinite series of economic activities with their hard work: from tourism to industry, craftsmanship and agriculture.


This is why we think it is necessary to speak about the context in which these populations live and work before speaking of their businesses.

Italy, various regional realities, an only country.

Promotion of travel, tourism and industry in Italy Italy is surely one of the most beautiful countries in the world, and this is proved by the enormous quantity of tourists who crowd our beaches and artistic cities every year, not to mention the increasing number of foreigners who try to migrate to Italy to improve their lives.


Besides wonderful landscapes and historical-cultural beauties, Italy offers the possibility to improve one's life, being a free country based on labor, which easily accepts all those who intend to work honestly.



Visibility for Italian Businesses.

Visibility is the fundamental requisite to make good use of internet and the possibilities given to us by the new technologies.


This is in fact fundamental for any type of business, whether it is an industry, an artisan business or a tourist service company.


Whatever the case may be, to truly take advantage of the potentials and possibilities of success of this business in its trade, a good promotion and correct organization of a web marketing campaign must be prepared.




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